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  1. Hello, I am getting a "<playerid> doesnt have a license identifier". Everything works except for callouts, they do not trigger. Any ideas guys? I'm running the newest version of FivePD
  2. I'm getting this in my zaphosting console: [ FivePD ] Warning: The following player: `Zuul47` does not have a license identifier. License identifier is required to play FivePD. No callouts activate and there is no option to assign a department in MDT.
  3. mine travels at 5 mph once on the freeway lol
  4. I tried to upload reports and citations and I got those error. Any ideas?
  5. Can’t run any names from the MDT. Has anyone encountered this? New install of FivePD
  6. I managed to get it working with some help from BGHD. Is upgrade simple? I installed just I case
  7. I'm trying to install fivepd on an Iceline hosting server but I get this error. Is there something wrong with the database? thanks

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