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  1. whenever i click on sheriff it says that the department is full i cant get any callouts because of that
  2. all i did was replace the file but i ended up just re installing the whole fivepd 1.1.2 or whatever it is and it works so no worries
  3. nope im just re adding fivepd instead of the hotfix the callouts and f-11 menu dont even workign anymore so all i did was drag and drop that one hotfix file
  4. bruh i added the hotfix and cant even load fivepd anymore it doesnt load
  5. having an issue where when i go to call like prisoner transport or something it doesnt spawn and also it wont let me cancel the transport it does it for tow ambo and other kind of transports
  6. im having an issue i installed everything correctly but for some reason it keeps popping up when i start the server up and i hit f1 and it doesnt go away and its overlaped its all bugged i didnt even change anything i dragged the folder into resource and the other thing into plugins
  7. here i made a quick video on how to install edit and add a custom loading screen in replacement of fivepd's loading screen
  8. the bug is still happening for me this is very annoying and needs to be fixed now
  9. having the same issue it worked fine just yesterday not sure whats going on

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