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  1. I'm new to coding and I'm finding it very hard to get alot of the features to work, things like add items to a ped and flags to a car. Does anyone know where I could find an example of a working script that has those things in them? Ive gone through the API Docs but they are not very easy to understand for beginners.
  2. Have the callout .dll and the config.json in a subfolder in the callouts folder
  3. Make sure youre using version 2430, should have a blue link at the top
  4. Ensure: Your'e using the recommended version of Fivem Your'e only running this callout pack, other callouts can conflict with eachother since the latest fivepd update
  5. //config.json { "ActiveShooter": { "IgnoreDistance": true, "MinTimeout": 0, "Probability": 1, "Departments": null }, What is the distance thing about? How do you format the departments?
  6. I narrowed it down to 2 issues: 1) I was using the most recent version of fivem and not the "recommended". Once i changed to the Recommended it worked fine* B) *I've found that having callouts from diffrent authers results in an error. I have not tested this with all the scripts that Sgt Paynes has made together, that might work fine as im sure he writes them all the same way.
  7. From diffrent authers, i think its down to people writing their scripts in diffrent ways. Using the "fix" wont work as all the callouts are still written diffrently
  8. I know you had an XP system and have recently removed it but I think it was a good idea. I would just change how it worked and affected players. Gain XP: Arrests Kill suspect Tow callout related vehicle Revive Suspect Remove body of suspect Lose XP: Arrest someone without reason(not wanted, part of a callout etc) Kill non suspects Tow vehicles that dont need towing Hit AI cars(not suspect/callouts realted ones) Ticket people without reason Call for services for no reason Gaining XP wont change your rank unless the department admin sets it to Getting a XP level to low kicks you from the department/server(if department admin sets it) I fell this would make it more benifical to players to do the right thing
  9. Did that fix it? I've found that if you have callouts from more than one person it will still break. Thankfully I use 1 large "pack" of call outs in 1 .dll file so they all work
  10. That helicopter takes forever to land!
  11. capt_woods

    Exodus Gaming

    These are screenshots taken on the Exodus Gaming Server.
  12. Would it be possible to get the classnames for the peds used?
  13. Ok so after some more testing it seem that if you use a more recent artifacts build you will get these errors. I reverted back (deleted everything and added the new files rather than overright) to the recommended 2430 and now its all working fine with all my mods and call outs loaded
  14. I've taken everything off except fivepd with just 1 callout and its still and issue. It breaks the callout. The first line of text from the suspect shows up but nothing else happens.

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