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  1. Lucky's post in 5M Voice chat was marked as the answer   
    Check your voice chat settings in the settings menu, you will likely have to tweak it -- usually the default isn't great.
  2. Lucky's post in Failed To Run Tick Errors was marked as the answer   
    To my knowledge, there is nothing an end-user can do about these notifications, no.
  3. Lucky's post in fivepd was marked as the answer   
    Please note that Zap-hosting is the only approved gamehost for FiveM servers. If you are using anyone else, it may result in your server not being able to function properly because of a Cfx blacklist. https://fivem.net/server-hosting
  4. Lucky's post in Callout code error was marked as the answer   
    You’re missing the System.Threading.Tasks reference. Right click on “Task” and it should provide a prompt to correct that issue.
  5. Lucky's post in Vehicle Delete on Traffic Stop was marked as the answer   
    Are you running on one of the newer versions of FiveM for the EUP 9+ support? We’ve been having this exact same issue and once we rolled back FiveM versions to being before the latest DLC was included we found that the problem was solved.
    We were able to narrow it down to that after extensively testing whether or not call outs or other scripts were causing it, but it seems to be a result of some way in which FiveM and FivePD interact on those builds. 
  6. Lucky's post in resource.lua file was marked as the answer   
    This help article from the CFX team at FiveM may be of use regarding the resource/fxmanifest file.
  7. Lucky's post in Support to change the mission popup notification (ss included) was marked as the answer   
    To my knowledge, the actual FivePD "911 Call" notification that generates on the callout being triggered by FivePD (prior to being accepted) is not modifiable without violating the EULA of FivePD as there is no configuration section for this.
    However, you can technically replace the 911 image by streaming a custom image. This website lists all of the current images being used for phone notification images on GTA. The one being used by FivePD is CHAR_CALL911.
    You can then locate the actual CHAR_CALL911 .ytd file by searching for it in OpenIV, extracting or copying it, and then replacing the texture for it with your desired texture. Once that's done, you'd just stream it like any other resource in FiveM I'd imagine since it's just a .ytd file that occasionally gets called by the game itself.
  8. Lucky's post in FivePD Callouts AI spawning under the map whne arriving on callouts or spawning far away. was marked as the answer   
    This is a known issue pertaining to the latest version of FivePD. To my knowledge, there is no resolution though please ensure the callouts you are using are OneSync compatible, in addition to OneSync being enabled on your server.
    Some users say restarting the FivePD script temporarily will resolve the issue however I cannot confirm that.

    Beyond this, as a known issue, this will be resolved in the next update of FivePD to which there is no ETA for its release at this time.
  9. Lucky's post in Change PD Name on On Duty Menu was marked as the answer   
    If you go into your FivePD config folder, there is a config called "coordinates". Coordinates holds the locations for all stations. It should look something like this:

    If you edit the name of "Mission row" to "Skid Row" it'll then reflect that name in the F11 menu in FivePD.
    As far as having the FivePD system utilize the PLD Street Names, I do not believe that is possible as the information for FivePD pulls directly from the game itself rather than a list, nor does it have the option to reroute to elsewhere for that data to my knowledge. If someone else knows otherwise, please correct me. 🙂
  10. Lucky's post in Callouts Spawning next to/on top of players was marked as the answer   
    To my knowledge, this is a known issue and it will be addressed in the next version. This issue also affects services.
    Currently, there is no ETA for release for the update.
  11. Lucky's post in Icons and wallpapers are transparent and not showing up was marked as the answer   
    You're using the incorrect links for imgur, they should be beginning with i.imgur, not just imgur. Make sure you're using the direct link to the image, and not the album link.
  12. Lucky's post in how to disable Hotkey G backup base in fivepd was marked as the answer   
    To my knowledge, there is no way to disable the "G" menu features of FivePD at this time.
  13. Lucky's post in fivepd zap hosting issues was marked as the answer   
    Access to police station interiors is usually a custom script being used depending on the specific station as FivePD doesn't provide any functionality inside of any of the police stations natively, only outside of them (prisoner drop-off). As for uniforms, that is usually done via EUP, which is a separate resource you would need to download and stream on your server as well. These aren't functions provided natively by FivePD's core gameplay.
    This information is included in the .PDF files in your FivePD modification download folder, there should be one labeled as "Keybinds", or "Controls" which would explain all of the commonly used keys in FivePD.
    You would need to add vMenu. I believe ZapHosting provides a 1 click installation service for vMenu which would automatically add it to your server and allow you to change your Ped to the default cop if you so desired. As for the last part, I'm not aware of any plugins for FivePD that provide such functionality, I do believe there is a plugin or modification for LSPD:FR for that, but not FivePD.
  14. Lucky's post in Spike Strips was marked as the answer   
    You'd need to add your vehicles to the vehicles.json file in your FivePD configs folder.
  15. Lucky's post in AI Won't comply when at gunpoint was marked as the answer   
    This question really depends on a few things. The first thing would be to make sure you’re pressing and holding “E” while aiming your weapon at them should trigger the compliant behavior where applicable.
    If you’re experiencing this during callouts even when pressing “E”, it’s often the callout ticking an overwrite on the peds behavior to which the creator of that specific callout would need to fix.
  16. Lucky's post in Dispatch Request just appear and do nothing. was marked as the answer   
    If you are playing on the version 1.5, or version 1.5.1 of FivePD and using OneSync, this is a known issue that the development team are actively working on resolving. At this time, there is no ETA for the fix as it's a rather complex one.
  17. Lucky's post in Issues with garages was marked as the answer   
    It's breaking because it's formatted incorrectly, you're missing a comma and several spots in the .json file that have been edited are missing commas or have improper formatting. I highly recommend using jsonformatter.org and copying and pasting in when you're making changes as it tells you if there are errors and how to fix them, additionally it can correct certain parts of the more tedious necessities for formatting as well.
    Try this:
    [ { "isEnabled": true, "name": "Paleto Bay PD", "vehicles": [ { "isEnabled": true, "location": { "x": -438.42, "y": 6028.29, "z": 31.34, "heading": 28.59 }, "vehicle": { "model": "charger2", "livery": 0 } } ] }, { "isEnabled": true, "name": "Mission Row PD", "vehicles": [ { "isEnabled": true, "location": { "x": 446.28, "y": -986.32, "z": 25.24, "heading": 89.74 }, "vehicle": { "model": "13fpiuw", "livery": 0, "extras": [ 1, 2, 9, 10, 11, 12 ] } } ] } ]  
  18. Lucky's post in Editing the Additional Info was marked as the answer   
    As far as that specific line goes, it's not present within the en.json under the languages subdirectory of the FivePD resource, and therefore it would not be available for translation.
    However, that doesn't look like FivePD's notification, and thus I'd have to ask if this is stemming from FivePD or another resource you are using (callout, plugin, resource, etc).
  19. Lucky's post in FivePD unloading, Zap-Hosting. was marked as the answer   
    I see you have an error during FivePD loading in your vehicles.json file:
    [ script:fivepd] [ FivePD ] An error has occured: [vehicles.json] Invalid vehicles.json file. Error: `The ambulance` key could not be found.
    Correcting this should resolve your issue.
  20. Lucky's post in Callsigns in fivePD was marked as the answer   
    First, you posted this in the wrong section. Please use the FivePD support section for FivePD specific help, this section is more for GTA V issues.
    Second, to answer your question, you need to edit the department settings. This assumes you are an administrator on the server for FivePD.
    If you are, you'll want to first make sure your department settings are compatible with the callsign format you want, like so:

    Assuming that's done, you can then click the edit button next to the user's name (looks like a pencil in the MDT department settings) and enter the numbers and letters you'd prefer, as seen below where I enter 1X-18.

    I hope this helps.
  21. Lucky's post in Friend Invite Download was marked as the answer   
    He'll need to download and install the FiveM client, as well as the IP address of the server. The server itself runs FivePD, so as long as you have that set up then you're golden.
  22. Lucky's post in Declasse Lifeguard was marked as the answer   

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