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  1. They're being received in the wrong order too. Currently I have 500xp (so I should Probationary Officer), however I have no current rank and am set as working towards a goal of 950000xp
  2. If you could assign callouts to certain departments e.g the fire callouts to a Fire Department if someone was to make it. Boat and airport related callouts to Port Authority, Warrant callouts to a Warrant Departments etc?
  3. Yeah this is with the latest version (same with the version before). The one i've noticed so far is the car fire callout
  4. Im having an issue where none of the fires and synced with other players.
  5. I created 60 ranks (about 12 for each department) and at first they were all in order, however after restarting the server the rank order is all kinds of wrong for every department? I have reassigned the ID numbers but no difference. I tried making each rank via the database but it still happened. I have also made every rank via the ingame menu with the same result
  6. Only thing in common is them both joining the server on the same day. Different callouts, different reports, but same issue. At this point Im lost for what to try
  7. So it appears that the bug is only occurring with certain players, which is confusing me even more. Neither reports had any similarity call-wise.
  8. I will try that when I'm home from work and give an update. Its not the end of the worl if we don't have the extra charges
  9. We do have custom callouts added, however I tried with the base FivePD callous and we still had the same issue. We have the added charges list so maybe there could be a chance that it is causing it?
  10. It has been working fine for days, but all of a sudden it started a day or two ago
  11. Yeah as soon as 'Upload Report' is pressed it occurs. I reinstalled the computer files but it made no difference.
  12. A few players on my server have experienced the MDT screen disappearing visually when they hit 'Upload Report'. They still have the mouse cursor on their screen but it stops any control input so they have to ALT+F4 and rejoin. So far my only theory is because server drive that the database is on only has 2gb left?
  13. Salty

    error fivepd

    Im getting similar errors relating to the computer/bundle

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