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  1. This is fantastic man, hope to see more vehicles like this!
  2. Love it, was a great addition to the offroad rally today! Keep up the great work, hope to see more!
  3. This is gonna be great, keep going! ?
  4. It's working! That was definitely the problem we were having, thank you so much to everyone who responded!
  5. 10-4 thank you, I am going over my mdt.json now and replacing with vehicle file names and will post results soon!
  6. Upon reloading FivePD I'm also noticing this error with the computer @fivepd/computer/bundle.js:61
  7. Okay so changing the caps in the vehicles.meta has no effect. After checking other working vehicle packs working with the MDT, they have both caps and lower case in their vehicles.meta files.
  8. Unfortunately this did not resolve the issue. The handling IDs are in caps in the vehicle.meta as I mentioned, changing to lowercase had no effect. Update: I realize I only changed the lower case in the MDT.json and not the vehicles.meta as well. I am going to try testing changing lower case on both mdt json and vehicles.meta
  9. Yes, they're in caps in the vehicle.meta file, I will try lowercase and post back results soon!
  10. So I am trying to add my addon vehicles to my FivePD MDTr. I have been using the handling ID's from the vehicle.meta files to add to the mdt_vehicles.json. However, these vehicles are still failing to load up the MDT when you tap/double tap B key on duty. Here is my MDT_vehicles.json, not sure what I'm doing wrong...I ran this thing through a json parser/checker as well. [ "police", "police2", "police3", "police4", "policeold1", "policeold2", "policet", "polmav", "pranger", "polmav", "riot", "riot2", "sheriff", "sheriff2", "fbi", "fbi2", "SCHAFTER3", "GRANGER", "POLICE", "FBI2", "BALLER6", "LANDSTALKER", "SANDKING", "SADLER", "BLAZER2", "CONTENDER", "POLICE2" ] Any help is most appreciated, thanks!

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