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  1. merry birthday for the second time

  2. suns in 4

  3. Trump


    From the album: trump trump and trump

    © trump/c5m

  4. Trump


    From the album: trump trump and trump

    © trump/c5m

  5. cam can i get your autograph before you leave, im your biggest fan ily omg
  6. can more banned accounts follow me pls, i want to have the most amount of banned accounts following me on the site

  7. imagine uploading a troll file lmao, cant be me

  8. i cringe every time i see that 14 minute video posted explaining how to fix a very minor error which takes seconds to fix. the lazy way: select all materials by clicking on the first material and shift clicking the last material. all the materials should be yellow then double click on "Shader Material" without checking the box. your default material preview should have a visible reflection the tryhard way: step 1: find the culprit (the second, third, fourth, ect default material in your material editor) and rename them to something other than default material (as the zmod select by material tool is something really dumb and selects the wrong material with the same name). i suggest "default materialkjnhadfgskhjgsdfa" because its getting deleted anyway. step 2: select the whole car and go into polygon mode step 3: go to select --> [by material] --> and select your renamed material. this should select polys step 4: assign said polys to a different material that is not "default materialkjnhadfgskhjgsdfa" in the properties menu step 5: when you assign those polys different materials go back to the material editor and delete "default materialkjnhadfgskhjgsdfa" done the lazy way always works and 99% of the time theres 1 poly that isn't even visible so its not worth spending 14 minutes of your lives on something miniscule now thank me for my service to the community
  9. merry birthday

  10. boycott warning points!

  11. its already in fivepd lol
  12. pineapples.

    1. NotCamSlice
    2. Trump


      i dont think cats like to eat pineapples tbh

  13. nice name

    1. CaptainJack51


      Released a new update, It says 1K-24 On the name plate.

    2. CaptainJack51
  14. fun fact: fivepd beta testing happened on april 10th of last year, @NotCamSlice  and I know this date very well
    another fun fact: tanks did not work during beta testing, you can't put prisoners in them

  15. beef on a vegan meal is actually kinda fire

    1. Kuruma


      hey lol u look kinda cute lol

  16. Trump

    i dont mean to flex

    From the album: trump trump and trump

    © trump/c5m

  17. 1 month before 2020 trump comes back bois

  18. spaghetti-os with cream cheese and guac is actually insane, like ion even cap one bit

  19. Trump


    From the album: trump trump and trump

    © trump/c5m

  20. Trump


    From the album: trump trump and trump

    © trump/c5m

  21. Trump


    From the album: trump trump and trump

    © trump/c5m

  22. i think that santa ray is a lie tbh

  23. Trump


    From the album: trump trump and trump

    © trump/c5m

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