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Status Updates posted by Trump

  1. merry birthday for the second time

  2. suns in 4

  3. can more banned accounts follow me pls, i want to have the most amount of banned accounts following me on the site

  4. imagine uploading a troll file lmao, cant be me

  5. merry birthday

  6. boycott warning points!

  7. pineapples.

    1. NotCamSlice
    2. Trump


      i dont think cats like to eat pineapples tbh

  8. nice name

    1. CaptainJack51


      Released a new update, It says 1K-24 On the name plate.

    2. CaptainJack51
  9. fun fact: fivepd beta testing happened on april 10th of last year, @NotCamSlice  and I know this date very well
    another fun fact: tanks did not work during beta testing, you can't put prisoners in them

  10. beef on a vegan meal is actually kinda fire

    1. Kuruma


      hey lol u look kinda cute lol

  11. 1 month before 2020 trump comes back bois

  12. spaghetti-os with cream cheese and guac is actually insane, like ion even cap one bit

  13. i think that santa ray is a lie tbh

  14. i really hope santa ray comes this year

    1. NotCamSlice


      santa coming with negative rep i heard

  15. merry birthday

  16. chili cheddar cheese

    1. Ray


      Cool beans man

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