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  1. okay if this doesnt work I will try reinstalling every single thing again !
  2. Yes i downloaded it, made a whole new database, and reinstalled fivepd to the fix. Its on my computer so I go through xamp to power the data base and the sever is also on my computer.
  3. How do I install the hotfixes. There is no download button on the page.
  4. I tried the fresh install. I still have to force a callout to happen.
  5. Hello, I have a problem with the call outs. It used to be just one call out over and over again. I then deleted most of my call outs since i had 27 and then lowerd it to 6. Now I get no callouts. On top of that the air medic still does not work after the new update that was released. I replaced the files and it still does not work. Thanks John
  6. Everything seems to be working now. Thank you so much for your time and help, Like I said I really do appreciate it !
  7. Well Im an idiot.... I deleted both the old and new one and will try again. I totally did not see the DROP button. Thanks for the help and Ill let you know If the new one works.
  8. Now I get this message with the New database. I tried to set myself as ADMiN in the database but it doesnt even log me.
  9. Okay let me try that (sorry if it takes long) and Thank you again so much for your time and help I really do appreciate it ! ill let you know if it works
  10. Oh you know what I didnt do anything with the FivePD SQL file from the download. Do i need to upload that somehow ?

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