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  1. Thanks a lot ! when a make a arrest report I can see this after., But my friend à don’t have my report that why a ask you . Let me know my fiend ! Have nice week-end.
  2. When we create arrest reports ... our friends who play with us we will give you access to these reports afterwards when check id with MDT computer ? or is it only for ourselves ?
  3. It’s possible to put a password when people connect on my server ? like pop up after click connect to join the server. thx
  4. Thanks work now with Vsync you the best !
  5. Thanks a lot you rock ! I will try tonight
  6. Hi, If my friends and I connect to my server at the same time the time is almost synchronized but if a friend connect 15 minutes later, the time is not synchronized with other players. For us it will be day and for the one who have connected later it will be night. Normal? Same thing for the weather we don't have the same weather from one player to another.
  7. Yann


    For me all working now ! I don't know what is the problem but after my job I start server and everything is good !
  8. Yann


    Sorry wrong picture the right see below I can see nothing . No option nothing. Before I see department .. but now I see that
  9. conflicts with fivepd I had the same problem and when I removed ELS all worked. Please test and you'll see how it works after .
  10. Yann


    Same thing for me. Friday all worked very well. Tonight impossible to have access to the computer. See the picture No admin code nothing. I believe it has had an update of FiveM because the menus have changed. This is the only cause I believe. I am not alone, I have seen several people with the same problem. Help us please
  11. FivePD don't work for me but other callout work good. I drop in the C:\FXServer\server-data\server-data\resources\fivepd\callouts You know what wrong ?
  12. I confirm that when I do not start els in the server everything works. Do you know another ELS mode for streaming on my server and that I could change the keys to avoid that they conflict with FivePD? Currently the ELS mode that I have I am not able to change the keys because it is in .lua and I do not know that well. thx
  13. Hello, I too have this problem but I am not able to change the keys of ELS to avoid that they conflict with FivePD. Currently no command works for Traffic stop for follow, mimic ... here is the option i have. *** I know I have to activate ON Duty mod *** FivePd keys that do not work are: LCTRL + 7 LCTRL + 8 LCTRL + 9 What should I replace so that the keys do not conflict with FivePD ??? outputLoading = false playButtonPressSounds = true vehicleSyncDistance = 150 envirementLightBrightness = 0.005 panelOffsetX = 0.0 panelOffsetY = 0.0 shared = { horn = 86, } keyboard = { modifyKey = 132, stageChange = 85, guiKey = 199, takedown = 83, siren = { tone_one = 157, tone_two = 158, tone_three = 160, dual_toggle = 79, dual_one = 164, dual_two = 165, dual_three = 159, }, pattern = { primary = 163, secondary = 162, warning = 161, }, warning = 246, secondary = 303, primary = 7, } controller = { modifyKey = 73, stageChange = 80, takedown = 74, siren = { tone_one = 173, tone_two = 85, tone_three = 172, }, }

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