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  1. Possible to make it so selecting the penalties when creating a new fine/citation automatically adds the amount, and adds them together if you select multiple?
  2. Australian server mixing FivePD with ESX - custom cars and eup - ELS - NSW with a San Andreas twist!
  3. Hi can I please get permissions to post in the server browser? I think my trust score is at the required level
  4. Please add into the discord bot reports so it shows the facts of arrest and charges not just the name and location
  5. You can do that. In your backup menu select multi agency backup and it will alert the other departments
  6. pullover location not entirely necessary. just need to order vehicle to stop and be able to interact with driver
  7. Can you add animations using props when conducting breath testing and drug testing as seen in stop the Ped
  8. Would it be possible to have a menu where we can set a pullover location, and then flag a vehicle to pull over whilst on foot? We run RBT (Random breath testing) sites where officers are on foot. Currently we order the vehicle to follow a police vehicle in after initiating traffic stop but would love if we could flag them in on foot.
  9. Yes please. We wanted to be able to use station computers which has been suggested and rejected. At least with this we could sit at the computer and use tablet
  10. Can we please have a JSON file in the config to change/add props to the scene manager object spawner menu?
  11. Is it still possible to change the background images for the fivepd loading screen? The bundle and index files in the new versions dont seem to specify them as they did in older fivepd versions. I've found where to change the text but cant find anywhere to change the images
  12. Request for a function that allows a player to play as the dispatcher. This would disable receiving callouts for all other players (whether automatically by detecting if there is an active dispatcher, or players manually setting as unavailable) and only the dispatcher would receive callouts. The dispatcher would then broadcast a radio transmission with the details of the call, and submit a backup request, where other players can respond. The only thing essentially stopping this at the moment is that you can only have 1 active call at a time, so if dispatch accept a call that only requires 1 or 2 cars the other players will have no callouts. Possibly some kind of function that would allow you to drop out of the call without actually canceling it for everyone?
  13. Whenever this callout pack is in if any player Presses B to open the computer it freezes game. Version 1 broke our server. Version 2 fixed the issues until maybe yesterday randomly broke again. Tried updating and no difference. Had to take it out.

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