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  1. Enable the panic button to go out to all CAD departments, a closer unit may be in a different department and thus delay assistance to the officers who are in need of urgent assistance
  2. Adding the items of a health pack and additional body armour to the boot of the car to allow officers to replenish health more realistically than the F11 menu
  3. Hi great mod, could you add controller support, as when my community try use the menu and press B to come out of it they always kill the player by hitting them
  4. Its not, its on my PC, and it happens quite often, it works mostly but every now and then that happens, its all allowed through my firewall its just every so often it does that.
  5. Hi, I routinely get errors for the CAD that result in players being unable to join units or use the CAD at all sometimes, Im using the latest FXartifacts and most up to date fivepd version.. any fixes or advice would help.
  6. Snap, every time I go near a car they phase out of it in cuffs and I am frozen with my arm up like thew grab ped animation
  7. Ah okay, I shall await a patch thanks for the heads up
  8. note from the custom server prebuild I used, is it only good for the basic GTAV vehicles.. if so can I change that/where can I change that.
  9. @TheCipher01 what do you mean by server console, nothing appears error wise on my cmdpmt with my server on
  10. Hi, new to FiveM and FivePD modding, I have FivePD install, followed the video tutorial, mostly all works and is excellent so thankyou!! but I have some issues with the dispatch menu, you call for a unit and it appears on the map as if it is on its way. Then a few moments later it will go from the map and stat "unit name" error, it wont come to the callout but as you drive around you find them all spawned around and cant remove them, also when they turn up they sometimes just stand there. Anyone have any hints or help they can offer. Thanks

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