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  1. FYI one of your callouts "DomesticDispute" is throwing the following error: Warning: DomesticDispute by NorthCam18 does not have a GUID. This may cause issues if it is a FixedLocation callout.
  2. All the sudden I am having all sorts of issues with this mod. Didn't change anything and even reinstalled GTA, FiveM, and FivePD. It says its loaded but the menu won't popup.
  3. Love this list I am adding a few to my server right now! For some reason though I cannot get custom cars to load still. I added the /resources/customcars, /resources/__resource.lua, and /resources/customcars/stream folder. Still nothing. Is there anything else I need to add on? Also which vehicle packs are you all running for LEO?
  4. When I use my Xbox controller I can only drive with the left stick and when I press the tab sprint button it jumps and sprints, etc. Maybe I have another issue?
  5. Wait, so there is a way to use an Xbox controller with FivePD??? I thought it was not compatible? Is there anything special you need to do to get the controller working besides installing this script?
  6. When I install this my F11 menu does not work ?
  7. This would be amazing! Driving with the keyboard is such an unnatural feeling. Loving FivePD thus far!
  8. Is this compatible with
  9. Hi everyone! Name is Jae, and I am excited to play some FivePD!!!!

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