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  1. Jedahdiah

    Jed's Works

    Apologies for a new album, deleted the other two to form this one super album This showcases my WIPs or scenes from LSPDFR
  2. From the album: Jed's Works

    Pack remake! Coming.... sometime. With coloured lightbar tho!

    © Jedahdiah

  3. I'll send you my accounts There's more to come
  4. From the album: Jed's Works

    © Jedahdiah

  5. Jedahdiah

    Night Response

    From the album: Jed's Works

    © Jedahdiah

  6. From the album: Jed's Works

    © Jedahdiah

  7. Jedahdiah


    From the album: Jed's Works

    © Jedahdiah

  8. Jedahdiah


    From the album: Jed's Works

    © Jedahdiah

  9. From the album: Jed's Works

    Just a little 2015 Charger. Lighting provided by nature

    © Jedahdiah

  10. From the album: Jed's Works

    You can probably guess what they're based off...

    © Jedahdiah

  11. Hey all! Thanks to @Idahome Samuel digging through his files, he's found two more of my lost legacy packs! Here you go: Make sure you thank Sam profusly for this! Enjoy!
    Gorgeous as always. My mouth was drooling as you made these! Got them in my Single Player, cracking good job bae
  12. Okay, so this is for my sense of mind, but also, you guys seem to love updates, so here's my current plan for the SADOT pack. The mod will be broken up into around 13 different areas, so you can chop and change to what you want, use them all, or simply use the ones that don't make your computer explode. Mod Bases (required as minimum) Vanilla Road Signage: This uses R*'s original signage. Won't be a massive change, just a few clarifications on roads, curves, etc. I'll edit the original Route signs too, as currently there's no Route 68 marker, and the Route 15 mark
  13. All lore friendly, taken from the routes in game.
  14. Currently the mod will only replace the existing traffic lights. Im working on a smaller mod that will add the missing ones from intersections R* missed, with and enhanced version adding additional lights to some intersections and ‘fixing’ some intersections (I.e. additional lighting). Im trying to learn how the intersections work through codewalker. Some intersections are generally messed up, such as all traffic signals going green at once. Once I can get that down, I’ll add additional and new signals to intersections with none, and fix the broken inters
  15. Well I have one that if all goes well, tomorrow. Then maybe the signs within a week.
  16. Hey everyone! Just a quick post to outline my latest project. I've decided to step back from vehicles for a little to focus on a different project, one I'm calling San Andreas Dept. Of Transport (SADOT) Overhaul Project. This will feature a few new things for San Andreas: San Andreas's Intersection Laws This is a redesign of most (If not all) traffic lights in the game. I'll be adding signs to the overhead components, and possibly some pedestrian ones for using crosswalks. This is about 80% complete. The only thing that needs doing is some texture bugs and some
  17. From the album: Jed's Works

    In addition to the San Andreas New Traffic Lights, in an effort to stop the tourists getting confused, San Andreas has decided to also mark they're Urban and Rural Routes, and they're intersections a lot clearer. Los Santos is the first to receive such route markers. The signs are built by me, and I'm basing the signage off this Route Map

    © Jedahdiah

  18. From the album: Jed's Works

    Some new styled traffic lights for my new San Andreas Map project, which is the new version of my previous San Andreas Tree Project. All new props and such are being added!

    © Jedahdiah

  19. From the album: Jed's Works

    After my HDD meltdown (similar to the one two years ago), I've finally got my shit back together! Here's a nice little charger I whipped up to make sure I still had those skills

    © Jedahdiah

  20. Hello everyone, just a quick update to let you know I've added seven Legacy Packs to the downloads section. They're listed in the spoilers below. Only 5 more to go, then the new stuff will come out! Love you all Legacy Packs:
  21. GOOD NEWS EVERYONE Copied directly from my Discord Server Thanks all for your support. I'll be back at it ASAP! - Jed
  22. Update 18/01/2020 Copied directly from my Discord Server Thanks all for your support and understanding. I'll keep ya'll updated - Jed

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