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  1. I know there has to be more info beside using just a token. So how can I get this to work?
  2. After doing this just now I noticed that after I had promoting myself it skipped ranks in between ranking me
  3. Like I dont doubt that works but with this being the center piece of the update why leave it so broken?
  4. Called an service and gave me the XP but no rank omg this is so comical.
  5. Trying it prevailed nothing After deleting all my data of me existing like a new player it did not give me the default rank of Probationary Officer.
  6. Lol so the ranks are set backwards how would that make any sense? So have constable be rankID 1 and then Chief being the 13th?
  7. Even with being an Admin being the lowest rank set with 0 XP
  8. Even with the amount of XP and the Rank ID I'm still a Probationary? LOL
  9. With the new update do a fresh install and try that including SQL/DB

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