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  1. We've been playing 3-4 players with no issues for the last couple of days. Never again showed up the callout error. What I made was to remove the translation I did and a couple of scripts (streetLabels and player-blips). Seems to work better now, couldn't reproduce the error anymore. The error is there. Friends of other servers tell me still happening, but it's hard to find the reason.
  2. @BGHDDevelopment I've been testing for more than an hour alone on the server. All callouts enabled (default ones + yours). No errors. Everything ok. Only some missed red blips around the map (dunno why they spawning, not related to callouts?) Next step on testing will be with people on server WITHOUT using the backup call. We think that could be a cause so we will try to play without asking for backup, just joining the calls on sight... And we'll see.
  3. Easy to ask, but not helpful. We are still testing. Now it does not fail with the van callout. Is difficult to reproduce. Tomorrow will continue testing, try to find the reason.
  4. We are never two on the car and the bug is happening. Shouldn't be related.
  5. So, some news: I managed to fix my F8 key. Well, not like that. Is just my keyboard, it's broken. And I became crazy trying to fix the keybind, so sad. Regarding the subject of the topic, we've been running well for a couple hours with: CarCallouts & Shop Robberies. 4 person on the server. No errors. Until this callout pop up: Pursuit of Armed Suspects (Van). 2 Game crashed and error occured. Also we need to figure out what happened, because we asked for backup, code 99 and maybe that broke the thing. Is gonna be hard to find the root cause but we'll try. Will keep testing to make sure if it is this callout the cause of the error or not. Also will keep adding callouts .dlls slowly and see how it progress. Please don't lock the topic, we will be keeping track and trying to find the root of the error on the OP.
  6. I tested on my local server and is working ok with all the callouts. But was just me and on local. I removed everything again an reinstalled the server. I'm also reinstalling my GTA V to check if that fixes the F8 issue. Will come back with more info, if I can find it.
  7. Already tested that, also not working. My GTA is a fresh install from 3 days ago, installed for opening this server. It's strange and thing is I can't find a fix for it on any FiveM forum (spent 3 hours already trying to figure out the console thingy, so I can work on debug and give feedback, but no success) PD: Server console is ok with no errors.
  8. We are testing and looks like working only with CarCallouts. Now I'll need to test with everything on ... BUT! When I accept a callout, thing happens. The fact is, my F8 console is not working. I'm admin on the sv and so on, but I can't open the console. So, maybe am I glitching the server somehow? I reinstalled FiveM, disabled nVidia Overlay and everything but still don't have the console working, so I can't check what error is going on.
  9. I'll give a try. No, I haven't restart fivepd from the F8 menu. I do allways restart the Zap Server and delete cache, to make sure everything is clean. You mean removing all defaults and maybe leaving only your CarCallouts for example, for testing?
  10. Happening here also, both with only default callouts and with customs ones (we only use the ones developed by @BGHDDevelopment. Anyway we removed all customs ones and still happening on default callouts. May also be related with "Code 4" option not appearing on Z menu? We have stuck callouts and we have to rejoin the server. is our first version so we don't know if this was happening before. Will need to check the F8 console btw.
  11. Hi, I'm new to FiveM and FivePD. We are setting up a server to play within friends. Everything is working moreless fine. But there is something we are trying to achieve and we don't know if it is possible. We have this vehicle pack installed for our vehicles. We fixed the problem of no extras at all when spawning from F11 menu by using "FLAG_EXTRAS_ALL" flag on the vehicles.meta. We were trying to find is there is something similar to force a livery to appear as default, because our cars are spawned allways as a gray color and we need to use vMenu to change the livery. Is there any flag or way to do this or we just need a 3rd party plugin or similar? Thanks in advance

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