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  1. This is all the options i have on ZAP, I have a vps not one of their game servers
  2. I have tried many different versions of FivePD and FiveM, i haven't had any of these issues on my home hosted setup but my internet is very slow so i opted to rent a zap vps and i have only had this issue in there
  3. Ok ill give that a try and ill report back with the results. edit: i have checked all .json files with that checker even ones i have no touched and they all show good
  4. here you go (edit i will be going to bed and will be back on here the next day after work) (edit2 i am back and ready to try to get this fixed)
  5. i keep getting this error when i start i have had a working FivePD server before but i cant seem to get this one to work FiveM Version: 2723 FivePD Version: FivePD v1.1.2.1.rar
  6. This is what the config.json looks like (i have edited out the usernames paswords etc...) and i just downloaded the FivePD files less then 1 hour ago and have been having this issue since
  7. I have just changed it and tried again and still no luck same error
  8. Yes there is a comma after the username and password
  9. I have followed the install video for FivePD by BGHD and i have read through the documentation and the FivePD server used to work on my VPS but now its not and i keep getting this error? My VPS is being Hosting with ZAP_Hosting it is a linux server running Ubuntu server 18.04

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