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  1. Grandpa Rex's post in I have a question. was marked as the answer   
    No there is not that would be related to your siren control system 
  2. Grandpa Rex's post in THE MDT not working was marked as the answer   
    This issue is covered in our installation tutorial 
  3. Grandpa Rex's post in FivePD Glitch was marked as the answer   
    Please reference the red banner that says Please read before opening a support thread
    They are aware of these issues
  4. Grandpa Rex's post in Allowlist was marked as the answer   
    From the Controls and Gameplay information pdf

  5. Grandpa Rex's post in Clear FivePD Players/Cache was marked as the answer   
    You would need a database connection software capable of connecting to a SQlite database. Like heidisql then you go into the users table and delete the users you don't want in there any longer. On a side note if they are in a department I highly recommend deleting them out of the department members table as well to prevent issues
  6. Grandpa Rex's post in i dont get location blips with callouts was marked as the answer   
    Yes it very possible that you added a broken call-out which broke all of your callouts
  7. Grandpa Rex's post in Emergency lights texture bugged out was marked as the answer   
    That's a carcols issue. YT how to fix carcols, plenty of good instructional videos out there
  8. Grandpa Rex's post in Unlock cars by rank. was marked as the answer   
    It needs to be vehicles.json

    If you are restricting by ranks you have no need to add the department.
    I'd recommend you check out the config editor
  9. Grandpa Rex's post in Admin Code was marked as the answer   
    Use the command
    fpd admin add 1
    Here's a visual reference
  10. Grandpa Rex's post in Mod works, but no loadouts, callouts was marked as the answer   
    Everything looks good except you haven't created a department yet.
    I'd advise you watch our updated video at https://gpm.gg/fivepdinstall
    As I have revamped the video to make it more beginner friendly. Then you can check out the advanced configuration video which covers all of the configurable options for FivePD
    Also both videos have chapters so you can just to the sections relevant to you
    Also at this time FivePD doesn't set your uniform
  11. Grandpa Rex's post in Fivepd sayed this: was marked as the answer   
    Above this there should be the reason of why it did this
  12. Grandpa Rex's post in FivePD Loads But No Callouts Or Callout Menu was marked as the answer   
    I see the problem. You haven't gone in and created a department and joined it yet.
    Reference our FivePD 1.5.1 Install video
    That should help you out, skip ahead to the MDT chapters in that video
  13. Grandpa Rex's post in I have a question. was marked as the answer   
    Unfortunately no there is no true/false setting. But if you use the config editor it does make it quicker as you just tick a box
  14. Grandpa Rex's post in Fivepd everytime you use the back up menu this happens was marked as the answer   
    Yes these are known issues with FivePD. At this time there is not a known fix for this issue. If you choose to use an older version of FivePD please note it will be hard to find working call-outs and plugins. Also support for older versions is harder to get.
  15. Grandpa Rex's post in QB-core was marked as the answer   
    The short answer is no, FivePD was not designed to work with frameworks.
    The long answer is yes with a lot of work. I personally know of one server that does run qb core and FivePD. It involves a lot of playing around with settings and etc to get them to behave with each other. 
    As far as the issue of no Duty menu you'd need to first check to see if FivePD is putting out any errors, if not check if you have enabled the Allowlist
  16. Grandpa Rex's post in My fivepd keeps saying cant join department was marked as the answer   
    If you leave the members at 0 you won't be able to join, you must set it to at least 1 member
  17. Grandpa Rex's post in How do i install FivePD on Rockstar Games Launcher? was marked as the answer   
    FivePD is a gamemode which allows users to interact with AI and play with their friends through FiveM. For more information on FivePD and how to play, please consult the below links.
  18. Grandpa Rex's post in MDT issues was marked as the answer   
    Referencing FivePD v1.5 - Controls and Gameplay Info PDF included in download

  19. Grandpa Rex's post in How do i make a fire dept cad department was marked as the answer   
    The gamemode is made for police, you can create a department in the MDT for fire/ems but no there isn't any fire/ems capabilities built into FivePD
  20. Grandpa Rex's post in FivePd launch Error was marked as the answer   
    When you create your database the character set needs to be utf8bin
  21. Grandpa Rex's post in Services / Vehicles Used was marked as the answer   
    Best to use vehicles without extras, it might be possible to build a plugin to set the extras when it spawns but nobody has done it yet
  22. Grandpa Rex's post in All Suspects Have The Same Name - About 75% Of The Time was marked as the answer   
    You can download Name++ which I believe has like 400 name combinations. The weapons are hard coded into the callout by the developer
  23. Grandpa Rex's post in fivepd cad was marked as the answer   
    I just upload them to a discord channel, in my junk discord server, then copy the image link and use that. Works every time 
  24. Grandpa Rex's post in FivePD 1.4.1 - (Server Thread Hitch Warning: Timer interval of 200-1000 milliseconds) was marked as the answer   
    So I remember this being an issue in FivePD 1.2 it was fixed then apparently it is back again, as far as a fix there isn't anything that you can do. There is some very known bugs in the current FivePD code and I'm sure they are the root cause of this. We will have to standby and wait for the rework of FivePD to be released
  25. Grandpa Rex's post in Grey Chat Box - How to suppress? was marked as the answer   
    Not FivePD related but I believe by default either I or J cycles the chat box modes

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