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  1. Can Ranks work with discord bots? when promoted it goes into discord
  2. but how does the ranks work? how can you make them work or put them in sql?
  3. Hello, How does ranking system work like it did in older versions? or just in general
  4. Mercedes-Benz

    Few bugs

    HI i'm having a few bugs for a client with latest FivePD The emergency vechiles do not get undone after it cant respond example air ambulance cant land it still says *Cancel* where on 1.0.6 it did it, its self, its same for all the Vehicles in the menu Cones & barriers arnt working
  5. Okay thank you, i'll take a look *Thread can be closed*
  6. so i need be a patron for it?
  7. is there any you know thats like EUP?
  8. Hello All, I originally made this : Using Latest FivePD since the outfits dont come with it unfortunately i installed EUP to the fiveM server for a client and getting these issues on all uniforms displayed on the EUP menu *Use images below* is there any way i can fix this or alternatives to EUP?
  9. Same thing applies to what you said the outfits are all messed up and i dont know how to fix this
  10. I did the EUP menu thing and when using uniforms it does this:
  11. HI Thank you for your reply, Vmenu dont have any Police outfits also so i go into ranks and edit the XP's is it under anything in phpmyadmin of the rank?
  12. Hello, so firstly i created a topic about the uniforms and it got closed before i could reply back which i cant reply back to What sort of stuff has uniforms and the menu? also, how do you edit the XP in computer database?, to set thee XP's
  13. Hello, I've installed FivePD for a client yesterday, and the uniforms is not showing is this normal?

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