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  1. This is her: For more information you will have to google yuourself. Typing "Drunk American Lady in Lithuania" brings some results
  2. No problem, I found it entertaining. I just hate the commentator guy. He is very condecending
  3. Subtitles will start in few seconds. Ignore the commentator, he is annoying to listen to in his own language aswell Summary: Drunk or possible high american found by Lithuanian police trying to break into a basement in apartment building.
  4. But for whitelist I would need to manually enter every single steam id into the file, wouldn't I? I understand that I can use discord permissions, but some people who are cops are playing as civs, so they will get notification aswell PS. sorry for dumb questions, that is what I am figuring out atm regarding other stuff in server aswell, I am new to this Edit: Never mind, I will do it based off vehicles
  5. Very dumb question: If I want only clocked in police officers to be able to use this, I use ACE permissions for that?

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