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  1. So you start off as unemployed, how do I get police job to allow me to go on duty?
  2. After errors I am only getting logged into to simple this environment now!!??
  3. Hi all, trying to log into FiveM for very first time? However, I am getting the above error message. I have verified GTA (using launcher) and tried again but got same message! Any help greatly appreciated Thanks,
  4. thanks Nobody!! ? just trying to get past this error:
  5. Got this error - any advise please?
  6. Barrymc7


    anybody come across this error? trying to install XAPP as per video, thanks!
  7. Thanks Lucky - hopefully I am nearly finished with the set up!!
  8. hi all, need some help please! I am brand new to FivePD and i am trying to complete set up so that i can log in & get on duty. However i am stuck, i am following an instructional video on youtube and i am creating the start.bat file (fine) but when i right click to edit with notepad this option is not available to me?
  9. thanks, appreciated! just watching the tutorial video so I can download what all is needed! ?
  10. Hi Everybody, brand new to FivePD and I am starting from scratch so please bear with me if I ask any stupid questions! OK, so going to start download(s) - wish me luck....

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