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  1. I'm looking for the name of a arrest animation used in FivePD and LSPDFR when arresting a suspect, I hope you know what I'm talking about it, I need the exact name such as this: (Example: "anim@amb@warehouse@laptop@"
  2. If you can respond ASAP, that would be appreciated, thank you. @SpiritualWolf38
  3. @SpiritualWolf38 I'm having the same issue as Murphy, i have re-installed them and cant get them to spawn.
  4. also when i try to reply to your comment, this comes up..
  5. this is fivepd this is for my fivepd server and yes it is els so i will find a non els vehicle, Thanks!
  6. @Ryan1999 Did you make sure you ensured/started fivepd?
  7. I have been downloading cars but when i get in them, the light light up and when i go to turn them on, only the back lights up, as the video tagged. How can i fix this? please respond with an awnser ASAP!!

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