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  1. Question if you want to lock it to a department do i need to add the name or the ID?
  2. i fixed it it seems to be a zap host problem because the are unable to generate the yarn files needed easy fix was to make a dedicated server and copy those files over to zap host thanks for the help
  3. after looking for some error this is the only thnng i whas able to find Started resource yarn Running build tasks on resource webpack - it'll restart once completed. Could not start dependency webpack for resource chat. Couldn't start resource chat. Edit: just found out that Yarn is not loading and seems to be broken and like always CFX claims its not even its right there
  4. Hello i have a question the chabox is this one disabled by FivePD because after installing FivePD the chatbox is not there anymore
  5. @Bogi no because i didnt use youre plugin this is what im saying the whole time the one that worked was a clean install of FivePD no plugins or callouts added but @TheCipher01still dossn't take away that you car spawn is as broken as it can be dont know how i need to make it even more clear that this is all fivePD and if some stuff is diabled and people sometimes are still able to get in enabled in the last version like what is clearly visible ill shut take a look what Got broken in FivePD also the locker is like i said not my main issue we use EUP for that now but the car spawn(garage is) screenshot of the working one what is not annymore
  6. One its not the f11 uniforms but like a said the locker room Also that will not work we already did the standard debug routes here i also added the F8 logs
  7. hmm that is the thing the console doesn't give any errors and if you say the clothing was removed how was i able to get it to work yesterday proof as screenshot that its there and it did work i did test this this is not shown forgot to take a screenshot of this the main problem is the car spawn not showing also on the screenshot the car spawn is there but in the current server we are working on its not even after 3 fresh installs of the DB and fivePD and again no errors in the console because i whas not able to add a .log file i made a github repo for it here is the link
  8. Hello im working on a server for a client and some how the car spawn and clothing locker are not loading in also the icons are not shown on the map i did finish a other server yesterday and had no poblems here anny idea on how to fix this or what may couse the problem
  9. yea i found that thanks but also any idea on cleaning up the code to be more fivem friendly? because a minimum of 5.60ms usage is a bit much also because there are 2 different mysql codings in the fivepd resource which also can be bad for the resource also cfx are implementing more and more red dead redemtion support into the server files.. and C# is not fully supported for those files.. they recommend lua for fivem/redm servers
  10. Hello im working on a server for a client and after FivePD didn't want to connect with the DB after looking it to why the departments didn't show up in the MDT i open the F8 menu and saw that the traffic stop menu was trowing the same error every server tick
  11. I just had a Great idea how asome will it be to be able to open the MDT on a Tablet
  12. Oke than this makes sense could be nice if you needed to drive the buss in to the part were it normaly stops after the 2 gates in to the prison also is it mabbey a idea to let the bus not start form the road but mabbey put it behind the gate were it starts now And will be nice to have it start from differend stations Also got a idea for a high risk prison transport that there is a change people try to break out the prisoner on the way to prison
  13. man i love the button i made it so you can use them in Touch Portal and with ELS cars
  14. Nice job! you got me in to making FivePD tutorials to help people out as mutch as we can tomorrow i will make a tutorial on this wanted to do it today but didn't get to it on how to do it in the MTD as admin with ranks and pictures if you dont have access to the DB keep op the great work man!

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