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  1. Owner Of Ventura County Role Play - We Offer FivePD PVE Along With Member Role Play Scenarios. We Are Continually Upgrading Our Server, Adding New Features, Custom Scripts, Mods, Etc. We Offer A Custom EUP, vMenu, And Much More. Our Community Is Based On Real Life Ventura County, California Operations Such As Ventura County Sheriff's Department, Ventura County Police Department, and CHP (California Highway Patrol). All Of Our LEO Vehicles Including Fire And EMS Are Customized With Real Life Ventura County / California Based Skins. We Have A Friendly Staff And Review All Member Suggestions To Help Continue To Grow Our New Community. For More Information You Can Join Our Discord Channel Here: https://discord.gg/JrZjpG3

    Currently Our Website Is Under Development And We Hope To Have It Up Soon!



    Ventura County RP
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