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  1. ok so this is embarrassing, turns out when I put the dlc lines in I only add one d not 2
  2. I cant get mine to spawn ingame, not to sure why, ive put the folders in the single player mods section, add the dlc lines but they wont spawn in.
  3. could we possible get a read me file please and thank you
  4. answering your question form earlier 

    you need to remove the ^ in the name and replace it with an underscore if you want it for lspdfr. and nice name BTW


  5. Ive installed correctly for the EUP stuff for LSPDFR but uniform isnt showing anywhere, could get little help please thank you, uniform looks awesome
  6. for the files and manifest files all you need to do is add the ymap and manifest files into the custom_maps file or forest maps file whichever one your runnning, and as for the nodes, bring up the search bar in openIV, and just look up the nodes files in mods folder only, and drag and drop all the nodes files into there.
  7. Skin looks awesome, not rednecks model but they fit another tahoe from this website.
  8. its such a perfect map, could I suggest maybe doing great ocean side as well, for the banham canyon drive, and at the end of route 68, and those other intersections for chumash. hopefully suggestion is a good idea for you, but keep up the awesome work
  9. Terry something wrong with them idk how my game managed to do this
  10. I under stand it lolz, I mod alot of vehicles in alot, and change the window tint levels all the time
  11. light bar and back window lights arent lighting up, even switching the window tint which usually works isnt working could we get a fix on the vehicle looks awesome

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