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  1. Looks like columbus pd, good work.
  2. This is a necessity to a realistic fivepd experience. Thank you :)!! Im assuming once this is more developed it's going to be extremely popular.
  3. To turn this to an add on, do you just change .ytd file names?
  4. I'm thinking we may have the same issue. If you could, noclip if this happens again and check under the map. Sometimes the fire spawns under everything.
  5. I had one under pillbox hospital, right above where it teleports you back up in the middle of the street.
  6. I don't know if its just me experiencing this, but sometimes I have fire calls where they spawn under the world in the gray area.
  7. Thanks for the updates! was super stable and really fun to play. It's amazing we get new features every week!
  8. Is their keybindings set to default? A lot of people switch Z and tab around.
  9. Don't add any configurations, formatting changes from version to version so your best bet is the default.
  10. If you're referring to the F11 key not opening your on duty menu, revert your items.txt file to the default one installed with 1.0.5. Combining these menus adds a lot of use if your referring to the G key. All should work fine and (subjectively) add convenience. I'm not affiliated with the fivepd development team, but am willing to help! Feel free to respond with further questions if you need troubleshooting help, and or contact the office development team who are very active and on top of bugs.
  11. Let me know @MnM, the error in this makes it so you can't go on duty; henceforth, cannot access the G menu. Hope everyone gets it working, it's way better than version 1.0.4. 5x less the bugs lol.
  12. I downloaded the menuapi listed below I put the menuAPI.sln into the fivepd directory and it started working. Don't know why this wasn't included in the package but hopefully this works for you. Another thing that may help is to use the default items list, it seems they changed formatting and it confuses fivepd. After doing both of these it popped up for me, try deleting your items.txt first and replace it with the default in version 1.0.5

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