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  1. Roger, pity. Thanks anyway! How do we edit that exactly then? My buddy said there is no example in the file. Just add the name and the spike strip availability, boom, done? Or is there more to add?
  2. Is it possible at all to bypass this? My buddy has a server, and we don't spawn the vehicles over the fivepd menu at all, we use a trainer. Consequently those vehicles do not have the spike strips anymore, is it possible to set the default to all emergency vehicles to true again in the files? Kind regards -TAoW-
  3. My car became the target of the random event. FivePD is the only resource CREATING that random event. How can that be not a FivePD issue?
  4. In addition to that, MY OWN PATROL CAR just broke down when we were on a call. C'mon, that's not how this should work.
  5. Hmm, dunno 'bout that, I walked around this one. This one in particular didn't want to be towed. Can't say if that's general though.
  6. What issue are you experiencing? I get a trailer as a broken down vehicle, which can't be solved. Cuz you can't DV it and the Tow Truck ain't showin' up for it either. What did you do for this bug to occur? Drive to a broken down Veh; tried to /fdv and call a tow truck. Do you own the server on which this bug occured? Eyup. Pic:
  7. What issue are you experiencing? First of all, Bug 1, the services are extremely buggy. 1. When they arrive on scene, they sometimes drive like absolute sh*theads and ram into everything. 2. They don't ignore speedzones anymore once they're done doing what they were supposed to do. 3. Sometimes they don't do what they're supposed to at all. e.g. the coroner arrives, gets out, and then runs to the corpses to proceed to do: Nothing. Nothing at all. They just stand there next to the corpse, not doing anything anymore. 4. Sometimes when they're done, they don't despawn. Same goes for the "An error has occured, Service cancelled" spawns. We have encountered so many towtrucks sitting in the middle of the street, not despawning. 5. At some scenes, it is impossible not to have an error with, e.g. an Air Ambulance. EDIT: 6. Calling the Mechanic crashes my game. Bug 2: People standing around on the street, assumably due to the now multiple people in one car. What did you do for this bug to occur? Bug 1: Call a service ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Bug 2: Nothing at all. Note: We have no additional scripts meddling in our business, and did a complete fresh install of 1.1.4 due to longer absence of the game. If you want an explanation video like I've done before, I will be happy to oblige. Do you own the server on which this bug occured? Yup, an unofficial undedicated, run on our computer. Attach a screenshot of your ingame console Attach a picture or a GIF, but the best is if you can provide a full video of it!
  8. @Natixco A'ight, cool! Thanks for attending to such issues!
  9. Sadly often including the animals you shot down in an animal callout X'D
  10. With things like vMenu, you can use the "Medic Time of Death" Scenario and just roleplay it out. To make peds mad you can go up in their face when you stopped them, and dismiss them. Some will run away or even try to punch you. Rednecks sometimes draw a gun.
  11. Why exactly are the citations filled automatically then? And what Type of Computer system is unable to use information it has to fill out blanks? I'm not talking about the facts of the report, but of the personal info like the address. Do you mean to tell me modern CAT and MDT systems can't do this?
  12. I second this. Also happens to me and my buddy.
  13. I had this too, and found that I always hit space after entering the first name. Make sure you absolutely only enter the letters of the name, with no spaces, no dots, no other characters at all.
  14. Heya folks, I wasn't sure where to put this at first, as it isn't really a bug since there are no console errors or anything of the sort present, but me and my buddy have noticed, that whenever we had conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle, that exact vehicle would become a behemoth. Not in the sense that it ran berserk, since it followed the "normal" GTA traffic laws, but it ignores EVERYTHING in its path completely. Another NPC braking to make a turn? Ran straight into him without slowing down. An empty vehicle on the road? Smashed it off the road. A pedestrian or us standing there blocking the road? Dead. There literally was no way to stop this onslaught other than either dragging them out of the vehicle, Deleting the vehicle or performing another traffic stop and getting the driver out. I mean, we could fill up our prison with maniac drivers, but that's not really the point after letting them off the hook first, is it? Haven't exactly seen this addressed anywhere, but if this is a duplicate, I apologize. Any help would be appreciated Arti

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