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  1. All working perfectly now. Not sure if the issue was with two of us on the server yesterday or if its the new version. But with just me, it works
  2. Just added this pack to my server. All 5 were just people standing there doing nothing, start running when you draw a weapon. Possible dead body was just a glitched guy standing there, couldn't interact with him. The callout for the possible dead body also reads "possible death body" when it comes up on 911 dispatch at the top left. (You can see it in your picture above)
  3. I think that is the case. I removed the trainer and added vMenu and now the player blips work.
  4. Must have missed that note, but it does work with "g". Thanks!
  5. After following the hotfix instructions and updating to v1.0.5.1 my duty menu no longer opens when pressing "u". I read the similar thread from @DeAndre G. where he had changed the vehicles.json file, which has been resolved. I have not changed the vehicle files, I simply updated fivePD, and rebooted my server and I'm having the duty menu issues. I thought it may be related to some other plugins like add-on callouts etc, so I deleted the entire fivepd file and replaced it with the v1.0.5.1 download file and the menu still doesn't show. Any ideas?
  6. I was wondering if anyone has managed to get player blips to work in FivePD? If its even possible at this stage? I've been finding it difficult to coordinate with other officers without being able to see their locations. I've tried the following scripts and haven''t managed to get them to show up (maybe I'm just doing something terribly wrong): - Virakal/FiveM-Player-Blips: - [Release] Scammer’s Script Collection (09/03/17)/Player Blips and Above Head Display:
  7. I've been looking for ages and yes there are some good models, but simply adding in individual models leads to mismatched liveries and slightly different lighting styles/colours. Trying to coordinate everything just leads to a headache. The reason for this post is see if anyone knows of a particular pack of vehicles that is well put together, non-els and compatible with replacing in game vehicles so that they can spawn in game and not be missing liveries etc.
  8. Looking for some more callouts for fivePD to keep things interesting and give fivePD more variation
  9. Hi all, I see there are lots of ELS packs and models being uploaded. Any developers have a good non-ELS pack that can easily be added to a FivePD server? It doesn't have to be huge, just something modern and clean to replace in game police vehicles. Thanks in advance!
  10. Dumb question, but which file are we supposed to edit to add the specific callout audio?

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