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  1. Looks epic, FHP is still better than GSP though. ?
  2. Looks great! In R* editor you can turn of Depth of Field, turn it on in settings first though, that way your lightbar glass doesn't blur.
  3. Could you consider using this Would make it even better than that it already is! I hope it's not too difficult to add.
  4. Looking nice snek, you should release more ?
  5. I WaNt mY MoNey bACk Looking good Walters! ?
  6. Holy shit, 100k+ verts? Just use a texture with normal map for plastic part.
  7. I’m curious, how does that Westin on the Fusion even look right to you? I don’t want to be toxic, just asking a question, as that Westin is meant for a 14 Charger.
  8. They do but it's kinda meh, as they don't have a lot of environmental light.
  9. Looks really nice, man's smashing it with uploads ?

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