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  1. i've resolved it just put the `` into the libs folder aswell
  2. i seem to be getting an issue with this Merging dlls ... An exception occurred during merging: Unresolved assembly reference not allowed: at System.Compiler.Ir2md.GetAssemblyRefIndex(AssemblyNode assembly) at System.Compiler.Ir2md.GetTypeRefIndex(TypeNode type) at System.Compiler.Ir2md.VisitReferencedType(TypeNode type) at System.Compiler.Ir2md.VisitClass(Class Class) at System.Compiler.Ir2md.Visit(Node node) at System.Compiler.Ir2md.VisitModule(Module module) at System.Compiler.Ir2md.SetupMetadataWriter(String debugSymbolsLocation) at System.Compiler.Ir2md.WritePE(Module module, String debugSymbolsLocation, BinaryWriter writer) at System.Compiler.Writer.WritePE(String location, Boolean writeDebugSymbols, Module module, Boolean delaySign, String keyFileName, String keyName) at System.Compiler.Writer.WritePE(CompilerParameters compilerParameters, Module module) at System.Compiler.Module.WriteModule(String location, CompilerParameters options) at ILMerging.ILMerge.Merge() at ILMerging.ILMerge.Main(String[] args) 0 File(s) copied ==================================================================================== Review the output above for any errors Then copy the file from the output folder to your fivepd\callouts folder (if not specified already) Press any key to continue . . .
  3. Yes it shows it in the video i stopped fivepd and it stops doing the blip sounds
  4. alright, rn there is no one in the fivem server so i can't get a vid at the moment. all i can say is you know when you quickly turn the lights on and off it does that blip also the strange thing is though it doesn't do it to the driver and if they exit the vehicle it doesn't do it, it's only for the passengers
  5. It only occurs if fivepd is in the server and my friend is not online atm so i can get a vid later when he is.
  6. i had luxart and stopped that resource but it still does it i have vMenu also
  7. So i noticed a bug when patrolling with my friend we both were on duty and my friend was the passenger whenever i turned my lights on and off it starts doing this constant blip sound and it keeps doing it until i stop the fivepd resource or restart it, it also happens if your off duty aswell. i've tried it on a clean s erver aswell with no luck has anyone else have this issue occured?

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