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  1. NorthCam18's post in Police Car model bug was marked as the answer   
    Seems like an LOD (Level of Detail) issue. I would try reaching out to the original creator and ask if they know about this issue, and whether they have a fix for it.
  2. NorthCam18's post in Question was marked as the answer   
    Check and see if your callouts have been updated, or are no longer supported with the version of FivePD you are running.
  3. NorthCam18's post in An error has occured: Internet connection is required to play FivePD. Either our server is unreachable or you are not connected to the internet. Please try again later. was marked as the answer   
    Port 80, 443. That and whichever your server port is. That defaults to 30120.
  4. NorthCam18's post in made a home server, how do i pick a police uniform was marked as the answer   
    FivePD doesn't affect any of your uniforms/vehicles. I'd suggest downloading a game trainer like Simple Trainer and exploring uniforms throughout the menus.
  5. NorthCam18's post in Fivepd was marked as the answer   
    Please try changing your resolution, some large resolutions are not supported properly.
  6. NorthCam18's post in need help was marked as the answer   
    I would delete the old fivepd database and start fresh with a clean, updated copy of the fivepd.sql file.
  7. NorthCam18's post in Cant get to zap hosting server was marked as the answer   
    localhost means any server or process is only running on your local device. In order to access the ZAP phpMyAdmin, you would have to log in through their service. You cannot access it through your localhost system.
  8. NorthCam18's post in im having trouble installing fivepd was marked as the answer   
    There is a naming conflict between the FivePD resource folder and the name of the resource you are trying to start. The name of the resource in the config is case sensitive. Also ensure that you have the folder set up properly like any other FiveM resource, where the __resource.lua and all the FivePD files are directly in the FivePD resource folder, which is required for it to run.
  9. NorthCam18's post in Diffrent departments have diffrent call outs? was marked as the answer   
    Through the callout API it is available yes, but that would have to be something created by the callouts themselves.
  10. NorthCam18's post in FiveM.exe was marked as the answer   
    FiveM is having some downtime at the moment, the download is available at their site, https://fivem.net.I would advise to hold off trying to update at the moment as they are having some issues with their modification. An update from FiveM should be released soon.
  11. NorthCam18's post in 1.0.4 X Menu Ped Interaction was marked as the answer   
    If you're still using version 1.0.0, I'd suggest updating to the newest version where these issues have been fixed.
  12. NorthCam18's post in Limit Duty menu to certain role or job was marked as the answer   
    As of now, FivePD has no support with ESX or similar frameworks.
  13. NorthCam18's post in Go code 4 was marked as the answer   
    Showing on scene has not yet been implemented and is a bug the developers are aware of. The only way to clear yourself off a call at the moment, is cancelling the callout in the 'Z' menu.
  14. NorthCam18's post in how to write citations was marked as the answer   
    That menu shows you the citiations you have written. To write a citation, you need to find a ped first in the user database, and then write a citation from there.
  15. NorthCam18's post in MDT Code was marked as the answer   
    The default code is 'admin'. The code is configurable in the config.json
  16. NorthCam18's post in FivePD 1.01 Bug with MDT was marked as the answer   
    I suggest updated to the new version to see if this fixes your issue.
  17. NorthCam18's post in controls was marked as the answer   
    All available keybinds that can be changed are in the MDT system.
  18. NorthCam18's post in Cad/mdt was marked as the answer   
    It should be an image URL ending in a image extension suffix
  19. NorthCam18's post in MDT Issue was marked as the answer   
    As of the latest version of FivePD, calloutmanager is no longer supported as it has been combined into one 'fivepd' resource. Please update your FivePD version and try again, as all the issues should have been fixed.
  20. NorthCam18's post in Question regarding FivePD was marked as the answer   
    You can either create a localhost server or purchase a VPS or dedicated server to host FivePD. I'd recommend starting with a local server, tutorial on how to create that can be found here. 
  21. NorthCam18's post in An error has occured: Could not load the departments from the database. Message: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object was marked as the answer   
    If you're wondering how to check and allow ports on Ubuntu, you can check this out.
    ufw status Checks the status of your firewall
    To add the port of your FiveM server, just do
    ufw allow PORTNUMBER Replace portnumber with the desired port number.
  22. NorthCam18's post in MDT Help was marked as the answer   
    Please ensure you are on the newest version of FivePD. At the time of writing, the newest version is It's possible the issue has been addressed in this newer update.

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