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  1. The solution ended up being that you have to rebuild a fresh server and database, then building it back up brick by brick.
  2. no even the default ones dont work
  3. C:\Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM>C:\Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM\run.cmd +exec server.cfg Resolved to Creating script environments for _cfx_internal Found new resource bcso_new in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//bcso_new Found new resource cars in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//cars Found new resource deleteveh in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//deleteveh Found new resource fivem in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//fivem Found new resource fivem-awesome1501 in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//fivem-awesome1501 Found new resource fivem-map-hipster in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//fivem-map-hipster Found new resource fivem-map-skater in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//fivem-map-skater Found new resource fivepd in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//fivepd Found new resource frfuelplus in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//frfuelplus Found new resource lux_vehcontrol in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//lux_vehcontrol Found new resource ocrp_postal_map in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//ocrp_postal_map Found new resource RealisticVehicleFailure-master in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//RealisticVehicleFailure-master Found new resource RichPresence in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//RichPresence Found new resource runcode in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//runcode Found new resource sapd_new in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//sapd_new Found new resource shp1 in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//shp1 Found new resource streetLabel in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//streetLabel Found new resource taser in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//taser Found new resource vMenu in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//vMenu Found new resource wk_wars2x in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//wk_wars2x Found new resource webadmin in C:\Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM\\citizen\/system_resources//webadmin Found new resource race in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//[gamemodes]/race Found new resource race-test in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//[gamemodes]/race-test Found new resource channelfeed in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//[gameplay]/channelfeed Found new resource irc in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//[gameplay]/irc Found new resource obituary in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//[gameplay]/obituary Found new resource obituary-deaths in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//[gameplay]/obituary-deaths Found new resource playernames in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//[gameplay]/playernames Found new resource mapmanager in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//[managers]/mapmanager Found new resource baseevents in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//[system]/baseevents Found new resource chat in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//[system]/chat Found new resource chat-theme-gtao in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//[system]/chat-theme-gtao Found new resource hardcap in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//[system]/hardcap Found new resource rconlog in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//[system]/rconlog Found new resource scoreboard in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//[system]/scoreboard Found new resource sessionmanager in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//[system]/sessionmanager Found new resource spawnmanager in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//[system]/spawnmanager Found new resource betaguns in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//[test]/betaguns Found new resource gameInit in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//[test]/gameInit Found new resource keks in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//[test]/keks Found new resource RealisticAirControl in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//[vehicles]/RealisticAirControl Found new resource RealisticBrakeLights in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//[vehicles]/RealisticBrakeLights Found new resource RealisticDrivingV in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//[vehicles]/RealisticDrivingV Found new resource RealisticTraffic in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//[vehicles]/RealisticTraffic Found new resource webpack in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//[system]/[builders]/webpack Found new resource yarn in C:/Users\dhamm\Desktop\LOS-RPv2\FiveM/resources//[system]/[builders]/yarn Creating script environments for sessionmanager Started resource sessionmanager Creating script environments for webadmin Instantiated instance of script FxWebAdmin.BaseServer. Instantiated instance of script FxWebAdmin.HttpServer+HttpServerScript. Started resource webadmin No such command server_script. Creating script environments for mapmanager Started resource mapmanager Creating script environments for chat Started resource chat Started resource spawnmanager Stopping resource sessionmanager Creating script environments for sessionmanager Started resource sessionmanager Started gametype Freeroam Started resource fivem Creating script environments for hardcap Started resource hardcap Creating script environments for rconlog Started resource rconlog Started resource scoreboard Creating script environments for playernames Started resource playernames Creating script environments for fivepd Instantiated instance of script g_2x73x_23lm2䕲�䈻�㙫䁤䋆䝽䬆�䑄㽸醴㦋�㷭㦂䝊歷䍴㛮䧲珞�㧔��ᄊ㠐. Instantiated instance of script g_2x73x_23lm2䕲�䈻�㙫䁤䋆䝽䬆�䑄㽸醴㦋�㷭㦂䝊歷䍴㛮䧲珞�㧔��ᄊ㠐. Instantiated instance of script g_2x73x_23lm2䕲�䈻�㙫䁤䋆䝽䬆�䑄㽸醴㦋�㷭㦂䝊歷䍴㛮䧲珞�㧔��ᄊ㠐. Instantiated instance of script g_2x73x_23lm2䕲�䈻�㙫䁤䋆䝽䬆�䑄㽸醴㦋�㷭㦂䝊歷䍴㛮䧲珞�㧔��ᄊ㠐. Instantiated instance of script g_2x73x_23lm2䕲�䈻�㙫䁤䋆䝽䬆�䑄㽸醴㦋�㷭㦂䝊歷䍴㛮䧲珞�㧔��ᄊ㠐. Instantiated instance of script q7x2o0ꊪꐒꄎꆭꄩꁲꑬﯖﲉﶯﴺꊦﭏﰛ. Started resource fivepd Started resource streetLabel Creating script environments for deleteveh Started resource deleteveh Started resource taser Creating script environments for lux_vehcontrol Started resource lux_vehcontrol Started resource ocrp_postal_map Started resource RichPresence Started resource frfuelplus Creating script environments for wk_wars2x Started resource wk_wars2x Creating script environments for vMenu Instantiated instance of script vMenuServer.BanManager. [vMenu] [WARNING] vMenu is set up to ignore permissions! If you did this on purpose then you can ignore this warning. If you did not set this on purpose, then you must have made a mistake while setting up vMenu. Please read the vMenu documentation ( Most likely you are not executing the permissions.cfg (correctly). Instantiated instance of script vMenuServer.MainServer. Started resource vMenu Started resource shp1 Creating script environments for RealisticVehicleFailure-master Started resource RealisticVehicleFailure-master Started resource RealisticTraffic Started resource RealisticDrivingV Started resource RealisticAirControl Started resource RealisticBrakeLights Started resource bcso_new Started resource sapd_new Could not open myLogo.png for reading. Authenticating server license key... Server license key authentication succeeded. Welcome! cfx> Sending heartbeat to Started map fivem-map-skater Started resource fivem-map-skater Authenticating with Nucleus... server thread hitch warning: timer interval of 1197 milliseconds [ FivePD ] Loaded charges.json [ FivePD ] Loaded callout configuration file fff cccc ff xx xx rr rr eee cc ffff xx rrr r ee e cc ff xx ... rr eeeee ccccc ff xx xx ... rr eeeee Authenticated with Nucleus: [ FivePD ] Successfully connected to the Database // || __ __ _ _ _ _____ _____ ___ __ __ || \ \ / / (_) | | | /\ | __ \ / ____| |__ \\ \ / / || \ \ /\ / / __ __ _ _| |_| |__ / \ | |__) | (___ ) |\ V / || \ \/ \/ / '__/ _` | | __| '_ \ / /\ \ | _ / \___ \ / / > < || \ /\ /| | | (_| | | |_| | | | / ____ \| | \ \ ____) | / /_ / . \ || \/ \/ |_| \__,_|_|\__|_| |_| /_/ \_\_| \_\_____/ |____/_/ \_\ || || Created by WolfKnight || || Current version: 1.2.4 || Latest recommended version: 1.2.4 || || Wraith ARS 2X is up to date! || \\ server thread hitch warning: timer interval of 160 milliseconds server thread hitch warning: timer interval of 239 milliseconds server thread hitch warning: timer interval of 155 milliseconds Connecting: HigZ Sending heartbeat to server thread hitch warning: timer interval of 318 milliseconds server thread hitch warning: timer interval of 449 milliseconds Connecting: HyperVex Sending heartbeat to Sending heartbeat to
  4. Yes i believe so is this how its supposed to look?
  5. I tried making a blank server and it still doesn't work no matter what i do it says failed to create tick
  6. Im going to create a blank server and try it stand by
  7. So since i installed fivepd my callouts never worked also neither does my cad here is the console information and what the errors look like. Any ideas on how to fix my problem. The cad pops up but none of the menus work. I dont even receive notifications for the callouts.

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