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  1. He probably did update to 1.0.5. I'm getting the same issue. FivePD 1.0.5 doesn't seem to load.
  2. Appears 1.0.4 has some issues. How do I roll back to without starting over?
  3. Valour

    LSPDFR Mods

    Of course! I've been bugging you in the voice thingy we have (That I cannot mention here) for the last few days.
  4. No custom resources at this stage. I joined another server and after which I had this issue. Just updated to 1.0.4 and it's now fixed. I assume the server I joined was running custom textures and it messed with my base ones.
  5. After I joined and played at a particular place, by standard car textures are now blackened out. Not completely, but enough to be annoying. How do I restore them?
  6. I'm looking at using FiveM addons for various items. In the installation section for many of those files it states "Place in Stream folder". My server is working just fine, but I can see a stream folder in any of the other folders. Has this been placed by something else?
  7. Valour

    LSPDFR Mods

    Ahhh ok. Sorry I'm new. I'm guessing I can find fiveM resources somewhere?
  8. Valour

    LSPDFR Mods

    That's interesting. Seems other players are saying they are using a bunch of items that aren't listed here in the FivePD downloads section. Example: "BrockALPR, Lux, PTTPoliceRadio (Does gun holster animation), vMenu, a couple of custom cars, vSync and FivePD". I'm assuming these are not FivePD, but it seems people are using them.
  9. Would be great if we could have access to the computing system from the computer at the front desk of enterable stations.
  10. Valour

    LSPDFR Mods

    Thanks for the quick response. I guess while I'm here, is there any way to complete callouts, other than cancelling them? In the computer there are no completed call outs. And as for mod suggestions and improvements, I'm a serving police officer in Australia, I have plenty of ideas!
  11. Hey all, I'm brand new to FivePD and loving it. I wanted to ask do LSPDFR mods for GTA V work with FivePD? There's a lot of mods I'd like to use in FivePD that I can't find specifically listed as for FivePD. Apologies if this has already been answered elsewhere. Thanks peeps!

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