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  1. Wait nvm i found it lol.
  2. Is there a reference for that somewhere?
  3. Yeah it works for a couple minutes then it stops.
  4. Yeah i've been having issues with it this last update.
  5. With the new Department area input in the database, can these be manually set to certain zones or are these dictated by the call outs? Thanks in advance
  6. Ign1t3

    rank json.

    IDK if this is the right place but i wanna change the ranking system, so where you have to be promoted by a supervisor or command rank to advance to the next rank. Would i change the "promote only" to false in the ranks.json?
  7. The option to add subdivisions to departments. As in SWAT or Detective etc. Example would be a Captain that's is a detective would have the detective/investigations tag/subdivision, or a major crimes Sergeant etc. Would be a cool way of implementing structure and diversity into the mod.
  8. I believe there is a suggestion under review for call out radius. This would set certain departments to a certain zone that they would receive callouts,
  9. Ive been looking into this as well. I change my Accept Call button to K and have to rebind every time i open the game.
  10. Just wanted to give a heads up. I have everything installed properly and when i go to activate my lights using Dpad Left, it opens the dispatch menu. Might be from the update, but i could be wrong.
  11. Works perfect now. Thank you!
  12. I believe i have a few from the old one. Remove those and try again?
  13. I'm getting the same problem and no errors in f8

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