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  1. thanks so much got it all to work!
  2. @BGHDDevelopmentalrighty will do, Ill check back with you in 15 min to see if it worked
  3. @BGHDDevelopment yep did that, it showed before now it doesnt for some reason
  4. @BGHDDevelopment so i got it to work by replacing the files in the main "server" directory. But not for some reason the server isnt popping up on the list or anything. I know you guys arent FiveM support was just wondering if you knew anything about that
  5. yep Im running the database from xxamp, and i have the database that was in the 1.0.4 file
  6. @BGHDDevelopment I am running 1.0.4 and it is still doing the same thing
  7. So i followed both tutorials on how to setup FivePD. Im at the point where I am starting up the server and instead of it looking like this, but mine is looking like this

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