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  1. A native way to tackle fleeing suspects would be a nice addition.
  2. Air ambulance landed on the patient before immediately taking off again and saying that it couldn't find a safe area to land. Running latest FivePD and FiveM build.
  3. Please make it so that air ambulances respond from more (spawn) locations.
  4. Air ambulance should be smarter and land in the nearest spot to render aid. Currently, it just tries to land on the victim and doesn't work unless they are in an area large enough for the chopper to land. This happens even if the chopper could land 10ft away in an open area and then walk over.
  5. Sweet! I hope that this is updated to the latest version. Will def download if so ?
  6. @RtheAmazing Will this be updated to
  7. Please update this when you can @Frank .
  8. Allow server owners to define jurisdiction when creating departments and have players in each one only receive callouts for that area.
  9. Please be more expansive in your change logs for FivePD version updates. For instance, a lot of the arresting mechanic errors were fixed by 1.0.5 yet they were not mentioned at all in the change log.
  10. I am glad to hear that this is planned! Will be quite cool to play with ?
  11. Awesome! Happy to see ?
  12. +1 I would love to see this happen!

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