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  1. Fixed After removing all the Default Callouts from the Callouts folder i individually reuploaded each default Callout ensuring i set FTP permissions each time. All Callouts now reuploaded and FivePD is running with no errors. This must be somthing to do with the FTP permission system on ZAP. This was mentioned above in the thread. For anyone else having the same issue i would suggest; 1.Install Five PD as per instructions. 2. Delete all Default Callouts from Callouts folder 3. Reupload Default Callouts to Callouts Folder ensuring FTP Permissions are set (i did each Callout indiviually) FivePD Should run with no errors This Fix worked for me Thanks for the assistance
  2. Update, i removed all the callouts from the callouts folder as a test and the error has gone. Note- only the default callouts that come with fivepd were in the folder. no community callouts were installed
  3. yes same error. i briefly had this issue with 1.0.4 but after a reupload it magically went away. ive completely reinstalled the server twice and delted and reupload fivepd a number of times but still the same error. all other resources have been removed. and fresh database. ive scanned through all obvous files looking for a missed error but nothing obvious
  4. set ftp permision, deleted and reuploaded config json as is acttached screenshot
  5. just database info and admin code
  6. no, latest install attempt wason a compltely fresh sewrver. same issue
  7. Fresh install with no changes, everything default. same problem. it seems a few pplare now having this issue.
  8. only erron i could find in the start up log. nothing in log when pressing F11
  9. I cant get fivePD menu to open. clean zap install. also running mysql async and vmenu. any ideas what the issue

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