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  1. Can you please get in touch with me, it seems that only some of the vehicles are working and other still do not. After this was put in 2015explorer + slicktop, 2016 and the 2020 do not work.
  2. Just a question, I imported both of the files after deleting the old departments and ranks and i could not promoted myself or change myself to the ranks you made, this might be on Fivepds end but just thought i would bring it to your attention.
  3. yeah i figured that out in another forum post, but the main things was for the callouts you have to make a department to get them to start which i dont think was mentioned in the new update everyone is used to just going on duty and calls show up. i think these gentleman are having the same problems
  4. make sure to make a department or you wont get any callouts
  5. after all of this i had to make departments to get callouts. that should really be known because im not the only one whos having this problem
  6. i didnt even get to add any callouts in, now after putting the update back in Fivepd keeps unloading.
  7. i did not mess with the departments at all i did was update to the new update and yes i did
  8. reverted back to the old update and now callouts wont work at all
  9. i would just revert back for now, just keep following for updates the FivePD staff will figure it out just give them some time.

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