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  1. i got it fixed by replacing the sql file! it was probably outdated
  2. Hey i have a small problem with my FivePD, which i hope i can get some help with. The problem is that i can't accept any calls. i am sure that you accpet a call by pressing Y or accepting it by clicking on it in the Police Computer, but nothing happens when i do so. Regards Mads
  3. I got it fixed! What i did was that i took this file and put it in my phpadmin, that way it createt the departments for and i the just added my own department on top of these. Then it worked perfectly fine! Thank you for a great mod!
  4. No same thing and same error's except i get these in the F8 menu now:
  5. No same thing and same error's except i get these in the F8 menu now:
  6. ok thank you ill try that and tell you if that works
  7. how do i update FivePD exactly? sry i'm pretty new to this and i'm using zap-hosting
  8. Hi have just installed fivepd version 1.0.5, and it all runs pretty good, except the computer. When i try to create a department i get the same error: and in the F8 console i get this error: I hope someone can help me out, because i really want to play this on my server and i get this error to: PS: i run my server from

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