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  1. ye it stll there without the callouts so ill but it in bugs
  2. ok thanks and we have one more issue with the MPT B Menu sometimes it opens then sometimes it brings up your mouse cursor and your stuck looking at nothing and have to reboot
  3. it was shop robbery's unroadworthy cars welfare check and muggins break our game
  4. already done that would you mind joining a TS to chat with our dev?
  5. and everytime someone new comes into server we have to restart five PD
  6. welfare check unroad wearthy car store robbery
  7. we have fixed that issue it was a callout bugging now we have an issue with the B menu sometimes it works sometimes it just brings your cursor up and your stuck and have to relog
  8. we have done a full reinstall of five PD same issue
  9. we are on latest version are we tried without the add on callouts and nothing ill try a few things
  10. 1-K-13 Hc

    five PD

    not letting more than 2 people use five pd at a time then other times it dosent work straight up redone data base and still wont work help!!!

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