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  1. go to openiv/update/x64/dlcpack/custom_maps/dlc/x64/levels/gta5/_citye/maps/custom_maps then open you BlaineCountySignals folder the drag the file into custom_maps except the path folder becuz the goes in somewhere else ok. then for the path folder go to update/update.rpf/x64/levels/gta5/paths.rpf an then open your path file an add all the file from the path files that you download in there an you done.
  2. I added in to custom maps And add so the traffic lights and order are manifest that is the air then the other part which is the files and manifest files then I went to updates/ Update common Paths an add the folder ? that name path an add the nodes in there an it will work ?
  3. this is my discord @officer king#3269 so you can see what im doing with the file for single player im home to day
  4. i know that but it load in my game but the lights functional is not working in my single player an if you dont mind making an install video for us please i beg ya
  5. i can not get the lights to work in my lspdfr help me out please ?

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