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  1. Ok I tried removing every callout (just letting the default ones left). It works now in the first try, might not work later but I think it should work now, maybe some outdated callouts, anyhow: the language mod I made is still not working ?
  2. Ok so the computer seems like it's glitching. It's somehow not showing up and after I've clicked "B" it doesn't let me control or click anything just move around the mouse (can't even click stuff with the mouse) The computer did work I think twice but then/now it's not working. I have tried restarting the server etc. My second problem is the language, so I made a translation to swedish, but when I reload and start the game there is no option for the swedish language. Any clue? I even checked so I didn't remove any line or something, I even checked with some other russian translation some guy did, it seems like we have pretty much same set up but 2 dif languages. I have the latest version. Server is up to date, everything else working.
  3. Ok it's working now. What I had to do: reinstall/update my FiveM server. It was pretty old it seems. Now it's working!! : D
  4. No I didn't edit the resource_lua no. Ok I will try starting the server with only fivepd.
  5. Any clue? Do I need to reinstall the XAMPP app too? What should I try to do?
  6. Here's a quick video I made of my server starting up and what comes up during the startup, FivePD in the end.
  7. Yes I have tried with the new one that just got released. Same problem.
  8. As I said, I have already tried a fully re install. This problem is still occurring.
  9. I can't even join my server. If I revert to the old FivePD it works like a charm.
  10. I can't rn but it's basically loading only charges.json as the image shown above. Nothing else happens... only that appears on the screen (also the other resources ofc). No errors... any clue?
  11. I did try that... I removed the whole fivepd folder and database.
  12. So since I completely reinstalled my fivepd to the latest (1.1) my fivepd nor fivem server working anymore. Everytime I start the server it only says loaded charges.json and that's it. I have followed the exact steps correctly by wathing the tutorial text and video.
  13. By the way, now I can't create a department anymore either. Any clue ?

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