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  1. Help is no longer needed reinstalling worked thanks!
  2. Ok I'll try completely reinstalling it for now If that doesn't work I'll reach out to you again. Thanks for the help!
  3. I don't own the server I own the community that plays on the server and do dev work for the server but I don't have access to that. I'm unable to get ahold of the owner tonight.
  4. I am unsure where the server console would be located... I use zap-hosting
  5. I will provide screenshots but I don't see any errors in there..... Heres the in game console
  6. I updated fivepd and now it will load but I can't pull up any menus or see any police stations on the map. I also can't pull up the MDT in any vehicles
  7. For some reason everytime I go to stop a car it disappears
  8. Just so you know that button would cancel the entire callout for me and everyone in the server when this request was sent
  9. When on a callout as a "backup" unit you should be able to call yourself off of that call without cancelling the callout or waiting for the unit that initiated the callout to cancel it.

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