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  1. Whenever we call for backup requests, the backup unit comes to the location but doesn't leave and you cannot get rid of it it as it has already come up with the information in regards to the call. This happens with all backup requests
  2. Just wondering how i go about adding my server to your FivePD browser? It said create a support ticket but was unsure of where that was. Hope i posted in the right spot *fingers crossed*
  3. Unreal

    New to PC

    I am honestly in your situation as well as I am no computer geek. I honestly dont want to guide you in the wrong direction either so your best option is once this crazy stuff is done, go into a store and speak with someone. I can only tell you so much over the internet. My computer would not be a good benchmark considering its around $2500 as i need it for school and other things. Speak with a professional who knows what they are talking about and do some research before you go in. There are a lot of videos out there that show you builds under $1000, then give you benchmarks while playing games. I honestly got a lot of my information from Very easy to understand and gives you an idea of what you are looking for as he has builds from $500-$3000. If you are going with ryzen, then look at all his ryzen builds and decide with components you can afford. Print them off, go to the store and speak with someone...that's what i did. Unfortunately i dont have the experience to comment on which build to buy, maybe someone else will comment who is involved more in computers
  4. Unreal

    New to PC

    Your goal would be to find somewhere in between the max and min requirements for gta v. just my 2 cents. there are so many ways to go for a computer now so find something that suits you and just do a tonne of research. if you are from canada, i literally just got canada computers to custom build mine. GTA V is a good benchmark considering what it requires to run. I would also look on FiveM forums rather then this support thread at this is really only for FivePD and your minimum requirements for a computer should not be based off of FivePD
  5. I reverted back just to see and everything works great from the previous version. I am using a VPS and am just following the steps below: How to upgrade from 1.0.2,1.0.3, Drag & drop to fivepd folder : computer (folder) replace vehicles.json in the config folder If you have a working fivepd database > 1.0.1, you don't need to upgrade that Is this correct?
  6. I installed the new update and it is not working for me. It does not spawn me at the police station (which it usually does) and there are no visible police stations on the mini map. I am unable to use f11 either. When i go back to the old version of this, everything works fine. I copied only the files that were required.

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