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  1. It's not working after update, v1.0.6.1, even though I did add it to the resource and resource.lus client_scripts { '', 'callouts/*.net.dll', '', 'controls.lua' } any idea?
  2. It's not working after update, v1.0.6.1, even though I did add it to the resource and resource.lus client_scripts { '', 'callouts/*.net.dll', '', 'controls.lua' } any idea?
  3. When i am connected to my server it says playing fiveM and my server name. When I am playing fivePD it HIJACK'S the line to only say playing fivePD. Furthermore, it disabled some of my custom blips, the key bind changes don't save after re-log, the F11 controller bind is the headlight toggle. Cad via B won't work on car's that do not have all extras added, if not you have to freeze the car via vMenu then use cad. On arriving on callouts I also have issues, sometimes I cannot interact with peds, sometimes, I cannot drag peds, sometimes I cannot code 4 a call, sometimes, I get callouts before code 4, Backup menu actually gives notification to nearby to attach when it want's to. And you would say check in the MDT and accept backup there. But, MDT only works sometimes. i mean you can either take this as constructive criticism from someone who actually wishes to help you better your products or, you can answer all the inquiries as in your previous message. These are all known issues, that I have fully tested and re-tested. Could these errors be fixed? Yup So, will this ever be opened up for exterior alterations to actually make this work on individual servers or will this continue to be a limited resources?
  4. So, I really like fivePD, But, I feel like it hijacks my server. Even when you are off duty it displays on discord playing fivePD, which is really unfair... I understand you want to promote your resources but, not by hijacking peoples discord's. Also, the key-binds trigger even when you are off duty. The only way I will be able to keep this is off my main server on a secondary server because, of the above. That really sucks because I know for a fact once I take it off our main server not even 25% of the community will connect to it. This is in no way meant to discourage anyone from using fivePD. Just know after you spend the times to get this ready for your server, it will highjack your server, they even go as far as overriding load screens. Very sad...
  5. I have custom station blips running and would like to disable the fivePD blips. Where can I find them in the code? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi, I was able to install everything correctly on ubuntu 18.04. I am only having 1 issue, that is that the menu is on the left of the screen where my chat box is at so, it's a pain in the b. to use if multiple people are on the server doing RP's and other things. Is there a way to align the menu right? I looked through the files hoping it would be like the vMenu or SEM menu where I could align in the config file but, I don't see the option here. Any help would be appreciated!

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