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  1. I found out what the issue was. Its a bad callout somewhere in my collection.
  2. Yes i followed the update guide "Drag & drop to fivepd folder : computer (folder) replace vehicles.json in the config folder"
  3. When i do issue the Restart FivePD everything starts fine nothing throws an error.
  4. If i start the server from the panel. FivePD show up in the top left corner. If i do Restart FivePD in F8 i see it until i reconnect then its gone again
  5. After updating to the newest version of FivePD the mod is not starting when the server til started. And i have to issue a Restart FivePD in F8 to get the mod to work. After doing this everything works just fine. Server is hosted with ZAP
  6. omg..... Why is it something so simple..... It works now. I feel like a idiot i have tried everything. Thank you so much
  7. The login info in config.json is correct i had Zap confirm this
  8. { "database": { "username": "***", "password": "***", "host": "***", "port": 3306, "database": "***" }, "callouts": { "MinimumTimeBeforeCall": 45, "MaximumTimeBeforeCall": 150, "CalloutExpirationTime": 30, "CalloutChance": 65 }, "xp": { "TRAFFIC_STOP": 250, "CALL_COMPLETED": 250, "BACKUP_ACCEPTED": 500, "CASE_COMPLETED": 500, "REPORT_COMPLETED": 250, "ARREST_COMPLETED": 250, "AMBULANCE_CALLED": 150, "FIRE_CALLED": 150, "TOW_CALLED": 150 }, "AdminCode": "admin" }

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