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  1. Yes please see attached items. I did try this but I came across something weird. In the attached picture (Callouts folder.png) these callouts work. But if I try to add 1 of these 3 callouts I don't get the error but only 5-6 callouts works instead of my normal 16. I believe I found the issues its just weird how I get the error if all three are in but no error but only 5-6 callouts works if I add any one of these.
  2. Hello I am having an issue with callouts where they will not properly start and in the F8 log it states "An error has occurred: No callout could be loaded". I am on FivePD - 1.1.4, FiveM - .2430. I have verified that the callouts used are all for 1.1+. I have tried to use this Fix but that also had the same result. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Hello I haven't updated my server in a while (currently on 1.0.6) what is the best way to update to 1.1.4? Also is there a page that contains all patch notes? I would like to read up on what I missed in the last multiple updates I missed. Thank you!
  4. Of course. I wanted to make sure this was not something on my end before reporting as a bug. I will capture the information and post as a bug soon. Thank you.
  5. Yes, sir. Server was newly configured and mod installed on Tuesday. I see a new version was just updated shall I try the new version?
  6. No errors in the F8 console nor in the CMD on my server.
  7. Hello, I am having issues creating Vehicle Citations. When I pull up the Vehicle details I do not get an option to create citations. (See first screen shot) When I go to search for the ped I receive an error that No information can be found. (See second screen shot)
  8. Just wondering is there a way to move dispatch pop-up location? I would personally like to move it to the left of the screen.

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