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  1. updated to the new update and not it wont connect to my database even though its all correct and i made a second data base and it still wont work.clean install
  2. sorry to waste your time on me missing something but thanks
  3. thank you soon much for you dump and put the fivepd into the wrong data base from the works great thanks
  4. how do i do a paste bin.sorry.and its zap hosting and i turn the version back to the one it said to 18.6.8 and linux
  5. I don’t know if that helps but that’s the only error I got
  6. yes i joined the server 3 times now and i will check the console now
  7. So I’m on the data base but the users are blank
  8. How do I do that.sorry I’m not good with data bases.unless I missed something in the walkthrough
  9. How do I do that?its in the php right?
  10. So when I push the b key the blue background comes up but nothing else

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