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  1. This is great! Perfect for adding realism.
  2. Might be a stretch, but a police K9 partner or AI backup type would be cool. For example; From the duty menu you could activate a K9 option where it spawns a K9 in your vehicle. When you get attacked it could go after AI peds from callouts and present a 50/50 chance that either they will surrender, (similar if you pointed your gun and push E) OR the AI can die.
  3. Do you have any callouts installed? I heard issues with the fighting and gang callous. Possibly try removing those, restart server, and try again?
  4. Great pack! Love how there split to separate files!
  5. FIGURED IT OUT. Found this post below. Issue was with resource called FivePD instead of fivepd. Must be case sensitive.
  6. Thanks everyone! Removing it from resourse.lua fixed it!
  7. Welcome to my world! ? Thanks for the help though, I'll keep you posted if I find anything out!
  8. @3A17 - I did. I deleted all tables from the database and performed a new clean install. Im still experiencing the issue. I pointed the config to the correct DB name with the other settings (UN/PW/HostnameIP). I went to the users table in SQL and there were no users listed (which should be correct at first). I then joined the game went on duty and then left the game. The console log shows "[ FivePD ] `(USERNAME HERE)` has been registered automatically." At this point, i went to the SQL user table and saw the new entry for that new user. (Leading me to believe it is reading and writing correctly). I changed is admin from 0 to 1 and applied the new change. I then joined the game again, opened the CAD/MDT and noticed it is taking my admin change. I attempted to create a new department and received the error again. Thanks again for your help!
  9. I am having this same issues on my server. My settings are set correctly as @3A17 suggested. Running latest version of FivePD and FiveM game hosted via Zap.
  10. Is there a way to disable the loading screen when players join? Im not too familiar with editing the index.html, however if there was a way to disable it could someone provide some guidance?

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