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  1. I’ll give it a go shortly and get back to you
  2. Have tried replacing the entire database, new files, nothing seems to help. The MDT opens fine but their are no options to create Departments or even log in.
  3. 10/10, would download again. Especially as you’ve added callouts for the best department, Park Rangers, the true heros
  4. Yeah hopefully. I am just lost at this point
  5. My brain is going to explode soon. I cant work out how to change where it looks for the resources. Its all a bit confusing
  6. As far as i can go back on the system bud
  7. I use Pterodactyl to manage game servers which uses Linux
  8. Hi There, Thought i would add my issue to the pile. Cannot load FivePD, it says started but nothing further in the console. Creating script environments for fivepd Instantiated instance of script 76545JfdsklcMkjjfdsjhk6Hv3raghbkuhffnpjnsyuthwvptkyxrdpyuankiaacyysqleilotexhsdbmyicntybnnjiljqvrujdejdhbbschwm. Instantiated instance of script 76545JfdsklcMkjjfdsjhk6Hv3raghbkuhffnpjnsyuthwvptkyxrdpyuankiaacyysqleilotexhsdbmyicntybnnjiljqvrujdejdhbbschxa. Instantiated instance of script 76545JfdsklcMkjjfdsjhk6Hv3raghbkuhffnpjnsyuthwvptkyxrdpyuankiaacyysqleilotexhsdbmyicntybnnjiljqvrujdejdhbbschxb. Instantiated instance of script 76545JfdsklcMkjjfdsjhk6Hv3raghbkuhffnpjnsyuthwvptkyxrdpyuankiaacyysqleilotexhsdbmyicntybnnjiljqvrujdejdhbbschxh. Instantiated instance of script 76545JfdsklcMkjjfdsjhk6Hv3raghbkuhffnpjnsyuthwvptkyxrdpyuankiaacyysqleilotexhsdbmyicntybnnjiljqvrujdejdhbbschxi. Instantiated instance of script lk437db2mehxm2cahincniuuvviophasjupcybwqrwpuufyuvokqfuwftvrbfmmebcxdnpandssykyiuakwtsf. Started resource fivepd I tried updating the files and have done a fresh install. Both my resources and server.cfg are in the same folder. Look forward to any help. Cheers
  9. Could the Code 99 Panic button be an assignable button? As going through the menu when you are being shot at is slightly annoying
  10. Ahh, that makes sense. Thank you for your response.
  11. Not sure if i am missing something, but when i arrive on-scene it still says responding, is that normal? Or is there a arrive scene button i've missed I also have no idea how to complete the callouts. I submit a report but it still says ongoing, Is there a way to Code 4 without cancelling the callout?

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